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Our Valuable Client Testimonial

Jorge Plaja
Best of the best and the owner is so kinda and special , excellent rejuvenation treatment and price is very good ! Highly recommend for eye bags !!
Robyn Charleston
I've had threading and facial treatments. I felt like a million bucks ..can't wait for my next treatment ๐Ÿ’—
k d
Loved my experience here! Nano was highly skilled, friendly and very knowledgeable, helping me to find a perfect match for my unique skin tone. Would definitely recommend her services to anyone looking for a true professional.
Amruta Phansalker
I have serious needle anxiety, but also asymmetrical eyebrows (naturally). I had been meaning to get my brows done for a long time, and I finally mustered the courage to book an appointment at Nano. Naz had excellent reviews online, which made me feel reassured. She had answer to my every question, and that helped me feel less stressed about the procedure. Throughout the procedure, Naz was reassuring, attentive, and fun to speak with! She had plenty of advice to give on what to expect, after care, etcetera. Naz uses topical numbing cream to make the micro blading process pain free, and I was amazed at how little discomfort I felt! Naz is also a stickler for details, and gave me perfectly shaped brows! The kinds I had been dreaming of, but never had, and that too, with no pain! Since I have acne-prone, blemished skin, I also did the bio microneedling procedure, and honestly, my skin looks much better than what it was 24 hour ago! I highly recommend Naz; sheโ€™s kind, offers genuine advice, and her pricing is great. Also, her โ€œat homeโ€ skincare tips are fantastic! I will be visiting Nano again, to get my skin nearly flawless as she has promised me she will! Thank you Naz!
kartik sharma
Shubha S
Love how Naz pays attention to the details. She is professional, kind and suggests the best recommendations based on skin type, tone, structure and concerns. I'm so pleased with my brow lamination, brow wax and lash lift. I love that she has so many options from laser hair removal to microblading to facials. I'm already looking to avail several services because Naz offers customers personalized solutions. She invests time and energy. The place is very clean and its right in the Uptown New West Area! Give her a try and you will not be disappointed!
brian winger
The experience was great. There is no pain and the results have been wonderful. The lady is pleasant and nice to be with.
Cobra Colby
I can't rave enough about Nazanin. I had just the most fabulous experience with her each time, she's professional, friendly, well priced, the place is super clean and organized and she offers incredibly well priced packages for various treatments. She made me feel welcomed and confident in her work and answered all my questions with a smile. She's fast to reply, easy to talk to and accommodating. 11/10 recommend! All the other employees in the salon were also very welcoming and warm each time I came in and it felt like a community vibe. * I had several moles removed by Nazanin and I couldn't be happier with the results
Rushed service, and didnโ€™t feel thorough. I was charged extra at time of checkout for service that should have been included. Really feel ripped off. There are better places for laser.
melodi hoseini
After doing facial , Teeth whitening, brow shaping and lift I felt so fresh , Nazanin was so experienced, friendly, knowledgeable .In her cozy and very clean room explain everything and also I was so relaxed by wonderful meditation music an soft lighting. I absolutely recommend to everyone go there get the best service .Thank you Nazanin. ๐Ÿ˜Š

You may obtain a more radiant appearance by regularly treating your face with a facial treatment. Additionally, it purifies and regenerates your skin, which leads to an overall improvement in the health of your complexion. Acne, wrinkles, and age spots are just some of the skin issues that may be addressed and remedied with the appropriate sort of facial treatment. In addition to improving the overall look of your face, this treatment can help erase particular skin disorders and faults. It is, without a doubt, one of the most effective methods for taking care of your skin and enhancing your own inherent attractiveness. Take adequate types of Skin care services, Contact Nano Beauty Star, as we are the Best Beauty Salon Wew Westminster.

Why would you subject yourself to such facials?

A facial is a kind of skin care treatment that includes exfoliating and washing the skin in order to remove dirt, dead skin, and other impurities from the face. It is possible for a dermatologist or an esthetician working in a spa or a Beauty Salon new Westminster, or even a dermatologist working in their own office, to do the procedure. Even if you do not currently suffer from any skin conditions, it is still beneficial to have a facial performed on your skin by a skilled expert at least once every few months. A facial massage not only makes your face shine, but it also helps you relax and reduces the tension in your life, so it’s a win-win.ย  Nano Beauty Star offers a wide variety of Skin care services. Contact Us now as we are the best Beauty Salon New Westminster

Tranquilizing Experience with a Face Treatment

This particular sort of facial helps to calm and soothe your skin while also increasing the flow of blood to your facial muscles, which is the primary goal of its design. It efficiently mixes a range of creams and essential oils to hydrate and renew the skin, and it is the ideal treatment to melt away all of the cares and stress of your day-to-day existence. In the long run, this contributes to skin that looks really stunning.

Cosmetic Procedure for Shaping and Sculpting the Face

The goal of contouring Facial Treatment in New Westminster is to tighten and lift the skin on your face by using a combination of acupressure, muscle stimulation, and lymphatic drainage therapy. Your face will have a more youthful appearance as a result of the toning of your facial muscles, which will allow you to attain the ideal V-shaped contour.

Vitamin C Facial Treatment

This facial, which is packed with vitamin C, offers a variety of advantages to the skin you’re treating. It has been shown to have antioxidant effects, which assist in boosting skin for a more firm appearance. It does this by protecting the skin from the potentially damaging effects of pollution and the sun’s ultraviolet radiation, which results in a more even and radiant complexion. Because of the tremendous improvements to the skin’s hydration and health that this treatment provides, the skin will seem even more radiant and beautiful after using it.

Pore Minimising Facial Treatment

Facial Treatment in New Westminster will give your face a thorough cleansing in order to lessen the amount of oil that is produced by your skin. As a consequence of this, it clears out the gunk that has accumulated in your pores and noticeably reduces the appearance of how huge they are, which eventually results in skin that is softer and smoother.

Anti-Acne Facial Treatment

This facial, which was designed specifically for those whose skin is prone to acne, removes any excess oil that has built up in your face and cleans out any debris that may be obstructing your pores. In addition to this, it makes use of salicylic acid and glycolic acid to cure and minimise your acne, leaving your face clean and spotless.

The Diamond Peel is a Treatment for the Face

This indulgent facial is a favourite among famous people because it offers a variety of treatments that are beneficial to the skin of the face. As a result of its ability to brighten the complexion and stimulate blood circulation, it may perform wonders on skin that is dry and lacklustre. In addition to that, it has anti-aging characteristics that will help your skin maintain its youthful appearance.

In addition, this therapy eliminates toxic substances and dead cells in a non-invasive manner via the use of a specialised instrument with a diamond-tipped tip that is packed with crystals of aluminium oxide. Because of this, your skin’s metabolism will finally be boosted, which will ultimately improve your natural attractiveness.

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