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What you should know ?

Most IPL treatments specifically target melanin. The light is set to a frequency that allows it to be absorbed by the melanin in your skin. These cells are damaged by the light and your body naturally breaks them down and carries them away, making darker colors on your skin fade. It also targets melanin in the hair follicle to prevent future hair growth.Photo Acne therapy, photo facial therapy,photo vascular therapy, hyper pigmentation therapyRosacea, sun damage , pore size reduction, skin tightening , fine wrinkles , skin tone management


(IPL ) Intense Pulsed Light , also known as the principle technology for epidermal photo-rejuvenation or the photo-facial . IPL can be highly effective for earsasing signs of againg. In a nutshell ,IPL treats the skin with quick and powerful flashes of light .The light energy then penetrates below the skin’s surface, Where the uwanted brown pigment (mealanin) lives. The heat brekes down this pigement into tiny particles, which either rises to the skin’s surface or gets carried away by the body’s lymphatic system.