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Collagen Silk Threads Treatment

What are the Collagen Silk Threads

Collagen threads are the latest technology. The treatment is completely painless. The collagen
threads are placed under the skin using the latest nanosphere technology and provide permanent
skin improvement from the inside and visible results.

Collagen Silk Threads

This nonsurgical form of treatment can not only fill wrinkles but also treat numerous other skin problems
on the face:

Eyebrows and forehead are lifted and smoothed out
Wrinkles under the eyes and dark circles under the eyes are reduced
Crow’s feet are tightened and smoothed out
Cheeks are tightened and smoothed
The upper lip becomes fuller and smoother
The jawline appears finer
The double chin is tightened and smoothed out
Nasolabial folds are reduced and smoothed out
The lower face is lifted and marionette lines are reduced are reduced

In addition to wrinkle reduction, the skin becomes more elastic and firm. The skin is provided with a lot of
moisture. Structure and protection.

Collagen Silk Threads

Collagen Silk Threads

The Collagen Silk Threads are obtained from natural animal fibers or cocoons. Since collagen consists mainly of
proteins and also has a pH value that is very skinfriendly for humans, it is not only a valuable natural product for
textiles, but also a popular ingredient in cosmetic products.

Collagen has a very soothing and moisturizing effect on the skin and includes an antiaging effect. Collagen
proteins have been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine for skin problems.

The main component of the threads is the collagen, fibroin protein, sericin of silkworms,
which is used medically for tissue regeneration and wound suturing.
The sericin contained in collagen proteins is particularly skinfriendly and caring, also
the socalled collagen fibroins reach the deeper layers of the skin, where they provide
300 times the moisture of conventional care products.
It can regulate heat and moisture particularly well. By promoting collagen synthesis and
reducing the inflammatory process, collagen also accelerates wound healing.
Our collagen hyaluron serum is a component of the treatment.


Collagen Silk Thread Treatment

The treatment is non-invasive, which means that it is performed without instruments such as scalpel
or needles, and without anesthesia and painkillers. Intensive pre-treatment opens the TDN channels
in the skin. The collagen threads are placed on the skin with the help of our patented tweezers
technique and soaked with our own collagen hyaluronic serum on the skin and incorporated with
patience. Through the already opened TDN channels, the active ingredients are transported in nano
form to the fibroplasts and fibrocytes completely painlessly and without needles. There, a cushioning
and moisturizing effect is unfolded.

Goal of treatment:

Natural looking lifting with instant effectNatural look in perfection
Skin elasticity & firmness is increased
Antiaging for biological processes
Stop the aging process
Volume for facial contours
Pore refinementyouthful appearance & radiance
the skin is moisturized




painless and scar
free treatment
results are visible immediately
no downtimeno swelling and bruising
biological aging process

For whom is this treatment suitable?

The treatment is suitable for all women and men who want to stop or at least slow down visible signs of skin aging strengthen and improve skin elasticity. Age is often visible on the face. Collagen silk thread lifting is a way that has proven to give good results. This application is considered highly effective with an immediate effect and that is completely painless.



About Skin

The skin (technically called cutis) is the largest and most versatile organ of the human organism. It is
called the enveloping organ because it serves as a demarcation between the inside and the

protection serves the human being from environmental influences, for representation,
communication and maintenance of internal balance. The skin also has a very important function in

the field of metabolism and has a variety of adaptation mechanisms.

Structure of the skin

The skin consists of three layers:
The epidermis, the dermis immediately below it, and the subcutis.

Upper skin (epidermis)

dermis (leather skin)

Subcutis (lower skin)


Upper skin (epidermis)

The epidermis consists of several layers:Corneal layer, shiny layer (is present only on the groin skin of the hand and inner side of the foot), granule cell layer, prickle cell layer and the basal layer.

Dermis (leather skin)

The dermis consists mainly of connective tissue fibers and serves to nourish and anchor the epidermis.anchoring of the epidermis. The origin of the sebaceous and sweat glands is found in the lower dermis. It contains smooth muscles and blood vessels important for temperature regulation.

Subcutis (lower skin)

The hypodermis forms the base for the overlying skin layers and provides a connection to bones and muscles. It contains the larger blood vessels and nerve tracts as well as subcutaneous fat and loose connective tissu


Skin Aging

20 Years
At this age, the surface of the skin is still free from
environmental influences.Healthy collagen fibers, vascular tissue.To premature aging of the skin lead permanent sun exposure, lifestyle, diet, etc.

30 Years
The first signs of skin aging appear as dull, lifeless, defect
free skin.The first signs of skin aging can be elastin depletion. Skin formation decreases, resulting in a dull complexion and uneven skin tone.

40 Years
Significant aging of the skin can be seen, which manifests itself
with dark spots and skin sensitivity.Due to the fact that the skin becomes thinner, this can lead to sensitivities such as redness, dry or oily skin. Dark spots can be a sign of skin aging.

50 Years
There is a significant decrease in tension and
moisture.Because the surface tension is reduced, this affects the skin structure. The moisture of the skin is lower, sometimes accompanied by acne.


The older we get, the more the collagen content in the body decreases, because the production slows down. As a result, our skin loses tension and elasticity, wrinkles slowly form.

Possible causes can be:

Often it is genetic factors that we cannot influence, also with an estrogen level collagen production decreases. This is one of the reasons why the skin becomes increasingly wrinkled and dry during menopause.
External influences such as UV radiation, smoking, stress or the wrong diet can also further increase collagen
degradation and skin aging.

With age, the number of fibroblasts in our skin also decreases, which means that less collagen can be produced.
A deficiency of vitamin C can also be a cause of decreased collagen formation. Because vitamin C both inhibits the breakdown of collagen and promotes the proliferation of fibroblasts as we age.Kollagenfasern
Collagen fibers
Strong collagen scaffold Fragile collagen scaffold.Due to the decreasing density of the collagen scaffold, the structure and elasticity of the skin deteriorates, causing it to become flabbier, thinner and stiffer, and wrinkles to appear (see figure).

How does the TDN Technology work? What is the TDN Technology?

The TDN technology (Transfer Double Nanosphere) originates from biomedical research. This means as much as: Transfer double nanosphere.

Penetration of the skin with active ingredients with the help of TDN technology leads to an even fusion of the threads with the skin. Thus, the lines and
wrinkles are evenly filled with the threads.

The active ingredients are encapsulated as a means of transport, these penetrate deep into the dermis through intercellular spaces.

Collagen fibers


A cushion of moisturizing collagen protein is built up under the skin. The skin is improved and regenerated from within. New fibroblasts and collagen fibers are rebuilt by the collagen and fibroin protein,sericin of silkworm. The skin surface becomes smoother.

The skin cells improve as well:

the skin cells are detoxified the skin cells are supported in their repair
the degradation of aging toxins in the skin cells is stimulated
the promotion of cell metabolism is accelerated

The treatment can be performed 34 times with an interval of 14 days in between. Then the full lasting lifting effect should have occurred.

Wrinkle Treatment / Collagen

Wrinkle treatment with collagen threads on the face is an effective and nonsurgical treatment,
the success is visible immediately. All facial wrinkles, expression lines can be plumped up with

the collagen threads. Who does not want beautiful, flawless and wrinkle
free skin? Who does
not wish for a built up plump even skin?

The most popular areas of application on the face are:

Anger lines
Tear troughs
Cheek wrinkles
Nasobial folds
Chin wrinkles
Forehead wrinkles
Eyelid wrinkles
Crow’s feet
Bunny wrinkles
Lip wrinkles
Marionette wrinkles

With collagen treatment, you can work specifically to build elasticity and minimize/build wrinkles.

What exactly happens in the skin?

In combination with the special collagen serum, the thread becomes liquid gel form.The collagen
thread is inserted directly into the wrinkle with tweezers. Massaged in with the special technique.

In this way, the proteins pass through the interstices directly under the wrinkle. A kind of cushion of
moisturizing collagen protein is built up under the skin and improved, regenerated and rebuilt from


With this technique, even wrinkles that are difficult to access can be treated, such as wrinkles around
the eye. Of course, this technique does not paralyze the muscle but rebuilds the skin.

Treatment option
and damaged skin

This type of treatment is particularly suitable for a troubled complexion, sundamaged skin, tired skin
or smoker’s skin.

Here, the collagen threads are applied with tweezers, serum is applied and worked in as well as

The dissolved threads on the skin, form a kind of “net” of collagen threads and penetrate deep into the

This stimulates the skin to produce new collagen and elastin, which are largely responsible for the
firmness of our skin. In addition, there is an improvement in the local blood supply, wrinkles are

plumped up from the inside and the skin texture improves. The skin looks fresher, more elastic and


Treatment option

Collagen silk thread technique is an effective treatment also against tissue slackening. By placing the
threads correctly on the skin, a kind of net is formed, this net connects with the network of fibroblasts

in the skin.

The sagging tissue is strengthened and the wrinkles are plumped up from the inside. The production
of the skin’s own elastin and collagen is stimulated.

The skin begins to regenerate itself. Depending on the creation and need, the collagen threads are
applied directly to the problem areas, one by one, always from the bottom up, in a net
like manner.

The right facial cleansing
The right treatment

The procedure

Before each treatment

First, the client’s hair should be tied back and/or a hair band should be put on so that there is no hair
left on the face.

1. If the customer wears makeup, then the face should be thoroughly cleaned with an oilfree make
up remover.

2. Then clean the customer’s face again with an oilfree cleanser. You can also use a massage brush
to clean the face and neck in circular motions.

3. Disinfect the skin. To do this, spray Octenisept onto a cotton pad and thoroughly clean the face.

4. Now the face is clean and ready for further treatment. Then put on gloves and start with the
treatment of your choice.




7 days before treatment
No chemical peels
No filler or Botox treatment
24 hours after treatmentDo not apply makeup
Do not wash or rub the face
Do not use Retin A products
Protect skin from cold as well as heat
Do not use chemical peels
No filler or Botox treatment
Avoid solarium/steam bath and sports for 45 days


Certain medications (e.g. against acne),
skin formulations
Allergies must be clarified
Pregnancy, lactation
Inflammations or open wounds
acne, eczema, herpes virusInfectious

Skin cancer
Autoimmune diseases

After treatment

Clients must be given clear instructions on what to do at home.

What must be observed after the treatment?

It is important that the client does not wash her face for the first 24 hours after the treatment and in
case should she rub her face. In the first days, makeup, Retin A products and chemical peels
be avoided. It can minimize the effect of the lifting. During the first 4 to 5 days after the
the client should avoid sows or solariums. The client should also refrain from sports.
or Botox treatments should also be avoided for the first two weeks.

Tip: It is advantageous to give the client a brochure or flyer where the information about home care can be read. Above all, the client must be given clear, written instructions. Ask the client for feedback on the treatment and also enter this in the client file.If this feedback is negative and the customer is dissatisfied in the unlikely event, talk about the reasons and offer a pricereduced followup treatment if necessary.

Before & After


Before & After
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