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Teeth whitening

1 Hours

What information is important for you to have?

Whitening performed by a professional may quickly transform the appearance of your smile and provide you with exceptional results in a very short amount of time. Use one of the many teeth whitening procedures available to bring out the natural brilliance of your smile and eliminate any stains. Teeth Whitening Treatments New Westminster is one of the most efficient methods to make a noticeable difference to one’s appearance with very little work required. Whitening your teeth is not only risk-free, but also efficient and quick. It is also known to boost one’s confidence, which may assist one in achieving their objectives. Get Teeth whitening treatments New Westminster from Nano Beauty Star.

The procedure of having your teeth whitened is an easy one. Products that whiten teeth typically include either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide as the bleaching agent (hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide). Using these bleaches will cause stains to be broken down into smaller bits, which will result in the color being less intense and your teeth appearing whiter.

Who is qualified to do tooth bleaching?

Whitening one’s teeth is considered a kind of dentistry and should only be performed by a dentist or another licensed dental practitioner, such as a dental hygienist or dental therapist, on the prescription of a dentist.

There are beauty centres that provide Teeth whitening treatments New Westminster, but doing so without the supervision of a dentist is against the law, and it might put your oral health in jeopardy.

There are also do-it-yourself kits available for purchase, however, using them at home may likewise be fraught with danger. 

When you have your teeth whitened, what exactly happens?

Before having your teeth whitened, you will need to come into the dentist’s office for a total of two to three appointments.

Your mouthguard will be custom-made from an imprint of your teeth, which the dentist will then use to instruct you on how to use the mouthguard in conjunction with whitening gel. The gel is then applied on a consistent basis for a certain amount of time over the course of a few weeks while wearing your mouthguard at home. It is possible to reduce the total amount of time spent in treatment by using whitening gels that may be kept on for up to eight hours at a time. Attain the best Teeth whitening treatments new Westminster from Nano Beauty Star.

A dentist may supply you with a number of different teeth whitening systems, one of which is laser whitening, sometimes referred to as power whitening. Your teeth will be whitened by first having a bleaching agent applied on them, and then having a light or laser flashed on them in order to activate the bleaching. Whitening with a laser requires around 60 minutes of treatment time.

What about teeth whitening kits that you may buy at the store or at cosmetic salons?

Whitening of teeth by individuals who are not competent, such as at beauty salons, is against the law; thus, you should only whiten your teeth under the supervision of a certified dental practitioner. Additionally, there are dangers associated with home kits. Before utilizing a kit from home, you should see your dentist first.

What kinds of questions should I have ready for the dentist before I go?

Do not be hesitant to ask basic questions about the many kinds of whitening treatments that are available, the kinds of outcomes you may anticipate, and the length of time such results are expected to endure.

You could also want to inquire as to whether there are any potential hazards associated with the procedure, such as an increase in the sensitivity of your teeth.

Visit a different dentist for a second opinion or chat to other patients who have had the same procedure so that you may feel more at ease with your decision. Before moving forward with any procedure, you should always inquire about receiving a documented treatment plan and a pricing estimate.

Frequently Asked Questions about Teeth Whitening Treatments New Westminster

Our teeth whitening treatments New Westminster are competitively priced to suit various budgets. Contact Nano Beauty Star for detailed pricing information tailored to your specific needs.

We offer a range of teeth whitening treatments New Westminster, including professional-grade options proven to deliver effective results. Our experienced team will recommend the best treatment for your individual dental needs.

Yes, our teeth whitening treatments New Westminster are designed to address discoloration, including yellowing teeth. We utilize advanced techniques to help restore your teeth to a brighter, whiter shade.

Absolutely. Our professional teeth whitening treatments New Westminster offer superior results compared to over-the-counter products. Investing
in professional whitening ensures safe, effective, and long-lasting results, making it a worthwhile investment in your smile and confidence.

The longevity of teeth whitening results can vary based on factors like diet, oral hygiene, and lifestyle habits. Generally, our treatments provide long-lasting effects, with results typically lasting several months to a year or more.

Our teeth whitening procedures in New Westminster are designed to minimize discomfort. While some patients may experience mild sensitivity during or after treatment, it is usually temporary and well-tolerated. Our team prioritizes your comfort throughout the process.

Following our teeth whitening treatments New Westminster, you can typically resume your normal eating habits immediately. However, we may recommend avoiding highly pigmented foods and beverages for the first 24-48 hours to optimize results.

The number of sessions required depends on various factors, including the severity of discoloration and your desired level of whitening. During your consultation, our dental professionals will assess your needs and recommend a personalized treatment plan.

While teeth whitening results are not permanent, you can maintain your bright smile with proper oral hygiene and occasional touch-up treatments. Our team can provide guidance on maintaining your whitened teeth for the long term.

Professional teeth whitening at our salon in New Westminster offers several advantages over at-home methods, including personalized treatment plans, stronger whitening agents, and professional supervision. While at-home kits can provide some results, professional whitening typically delivers superior and longer-lasting outcomes.

After undergoing teeth whitening treatments New Westminster, we recommend avoiding staining substances like coffee, tea, and tobacco for the first few days. Additionally, adhere to your dentist’s post-whitening care instructions for optimal results and long-term maintenance of your bright smile.

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