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Our Packages

Full face

1 Hours

Hifu face and neck

1 Hours

Hifu Hips

2 Hours

Hifu Back


Back tightening

Hifu Abdomen

1h 20min

Abdomen tightening

Hifu tight sides

1h 30min

Tigh sides

Hifu Upper arms

1h 40min

upper arm tightening

Hifu Neck



Hifu Forehead



Hifu Lips & neck


neck & lips

Hifu Smile line and around lips


smile line

Hifu eyes & lips


eyes & lips

Hifu eyes & neck


eyes & neck

Hifu Neck and Double chin


Neck and double chin

Hifu Double chin


double chin

HIfu around eyes


Hifu around eyes

What is it precisely that you have to be aware of at this point?

The results of HIFU are long-lasting and will continue to steadily improve for up to six months after treatment has been finished, even if the procedure has already been performed. You will have no difficulty moving either ahead or backwards through time. It is inevitable that your skin will continue to age after six months, regardless of the anti-ageing therapy that you choose to use; however, 7d Hifu Facial treatment in New Westminster has the potential to make your skin appear more radiant and youthful for up to two years following your treatment. This is because HIFU stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring substance in your skin.

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound is the meaning of the abbreviation HIFU, which stands for the whole phrase. In order to achieve the goals of skin tightening, skin lifting, and body sculpting, this treatment may target various depths of the body’s tissue. The high-intensity focused ultrasound, also known as HIFU, is a therapy that does not need any kind of cutting or other invasive procedure and is effective by penetrating deep layers of the skin. As a consequence of this, it encourages the production of new collagen as well as the regeneration of collagen that already exists precisely at the root of the problem. It is also known as the “Lunchtime FaceLift” due to the fact that the operation itself only takes a short period of time, is extremely well accepted by patients, and does not need any recuperation time at all. The 7d HIFU facial treatment in New Westminster for the face works in the same manner as a facelift, but it does not need any incisions to be made. In addition to these benefits, it helps prevent the formation of ‘V’ lines and Jowell lines, firms the skin, lowers the appearance of wrinkles, and minimises the size of pores. HIFU has the potential to enhance a variety of aspects of the skin, including its pores, brightness, and suppleness.


In most cases, the first step of 7d HIFU facial treatment in New Westminster is for a doctor to apply a gel after first thoroughly cleansing the region of the face that will be treated. The next step involves using a hand-held device that generates the ultrasonic pulses in rapid succession. Depending on the particular session, it might run anywhere from 30 and 90 minutes.

Some patients have just a little degree of discomfort during the procedure, while others go on to suffer severe pain following it. Before beginning the treatment, your doctor could numb the area with a local anaesthetic to assist alleviate some of the discomforts you will experience. Pain medicines that are available without a prescription, such as an acetaminophen or ibuprofen, might potentially be beneficial.

In contrast to many other cosmetic treatments, such as laser hair removal, HIFU facials do not need any kind of preliminary preparation. After having 7d HIFU facial treatment in New Westminster, individuals are able to immediately return to their regular routine since there is no downtime associated with the procedure and there is also no need for recovery time after the session has been completed. It is possible for individuals to need anything from one to six sessions, depending on the outcomes they desire to get.

What does HIFU feel like?

During the 7d HIFU facial treatment in New Westminster, you may feel some pain, but it should not be severe. Some individuals have described it as feeling like they are being pricked lightly, while others have said it feels like they are being shocked. Prior to receiving treatment, your physician may recommend that you take a pain reliever such as acetaminophen (Tylenol) or a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicine (NSAID), such as ibuprofen (Advil), if you are concerned about experiencing discomfort. Immediately after the treatment, you may notice some moderate redness or swelling, both of which will go away gradually over the course of the next few hours.

Treatment with HIFU to alleviate face-related adverse effects

When carried out by a medical practitioner who has the necessary education and experience, HIFU is regarded as a highly secure procedure. The best aspect of this therapy is that you will be able to get back to your regular activities as soon as you walk out of the therapist’s office. It’s possible you could have some little redness or swelling, but it shouldn’t last long and should go away quite fast. There is a possibility that the treated region may continue to feel somewhat tingly for a few weeks after the procedure. There is a remote possibility that you might develop transient numbness or bruising, but in most cases, these adverse effects disappear once a few days have passed.


Hifu Before & After Photo
Before Photo of Hifu Facial treatment in New Westminster
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