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What are the Collagen Silk Threads Collagen threads are the latest technology. The treatment is completely painless. The collagen threads are placed under the skin using the latest nanosphere technology…

Bio Microneedling in New Westminster

The new and groundbreaking facial therapy known as biological micro-needling has the potential to take the role of face treatments like radio frequency (RF) micro-needling, conventional micro-needling, and the derma…

Facial treatment in New Westminster

Our Packages Led light therapy 50min Anti-Aging facial 1h 30min Classic facial 1h When is the optimal moment to start a therapy to prevent or slow down the ageing process?…

Hifu Facial treatment in New Westminster

Our Packages Full face 1 Hours Hifu face and neck 1 Hours Hifu Hips 2 Hours Hifu Back 2h Back tightening Hifu Abdomen 1h 20min Abdomen tightening Hifu tight sides…

Teeth whitening

Our Services Teeth whitening 1 Hours What information is important for you to have? Whitening performed by a professional may quickly transform the appearance of your smile and provide you…

Lash lift And Lash Tint in New Westminster

Our Packages Eye Lash lift 1h Eye lash Lift & Tint 1h Eye lash tint 1h What does it mean to get your lashes lifted and tinted? A Lash lift…

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