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Facial treatment in New Westminster

Our Packages Led light therapy 50min Anti-Aging facial 1h 30min Classic facial 1h When is the optimal moment to start a therapy to prevent or slow down the ageing process?…

Hifu Facial treatment in New Westminster

Our Packages Full face 1 Hours Hifu face and neck 1 Hours Hifu Hips 2 Hours Hifu Back 2h Back tightening Hifu Abdomen 1h 20min Abdomen tightening Hifu tight sides…

Teeth whitening

Our Services Teeth whitening 1 Hours What information is important for you to have? Whitening performed by a professional may quickly transform the appearance of your smile and provide you…

Lash lift And Lash Tint in New Westminster

Our Packages Eye Lash lift 1h Eye lash Lift & Tint 1h Eye lash tint 1h What does it mean to get your lashes lifted and tinted? A Lash lift…

Skin Tag Removal in New Westminster

Our Services Skin tag removing 15min Cryotherapy for Molluscum 15min • Freeze pen depends on size & numbers Cryotherapy for Milia 30min • freeze pen depends on size & numbers…

Microblading treatment in New Westminster

Our Packages Microblading touch up 1H Microblading 2H Eyebrow Refinement Using a Microblading Technique The Microblading Eyebrows technique is a semi-permanent cosmetic process that enhances the appearance of a person’s…

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3030 Lincoln Ave #122, Coquitlam, BC V3B 6B4

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